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Qods Day

Qods Day


Bandar Abbas Mayor:

Qods day is the day of the export of revolution discourse to the world / the enemy fears the presence of the nations.

According to IPRU of Bandar Abbas Municipality, Abbas Aminizadeh stated: from the stating day of naming the last Friday of holy month of Ramadan as Qods Day, the enemy has been always trying to weaken it.

Emphasizing that Qods Day is the day which all the Muslims across the world unite to defeat the great Satan America and Israel, added: on the last Friday of holy month of Ramadan all the Muslim nations worldwide are plunged like a violent river in the world in order to free the holy Qods and stand in front of enemy’s conspiracy and to defeat the fictitious regime of Zionism.

The mayor of Bandar Abbas reiterated: this huge movement which signifies the unity of Muslim nation to free Qods and support the Palestinians, has worried the enemies of Islam greatly.

He also added: choosing the Qods Day by the leader, Imam Khomeini, showed that Islamic Revolution thinking thinks more than Iran land and will never be imprisoned in its frontiers.

Aminizadeh emphasized: Qods Day, is the day of obliterating the tastes and joining the drops into the current ocean of humanity.



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