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Ceremony for the disabled

Ceremony held for the disabled

The first ceremony to honor the disabled staff in Bandar Abbas Municipality was held
The first ceremony of honoring the disabled personnel working in Bandar Abbas Municipality with the presence of Mehdi Nobani, Mayor of Bandar Abbas, Farideh Ameri, Issa Abbasi and Hojjatoleslam Abdolreza Heidari Seraji, members of Bandar Abbas Islamic Council and Zarei, Deputy of Planning and Human Resources of Bandar Abbas Municipality held in Ferdowsi Hall in Central Municipality.
According to the Department of Communications and International Affairs of Bandar Abbas Municipality, Mehdi Nobani, while congratulating this day, said: "I am very happy to have colleagues who do not consider disability as a barrier and limitation and continue their work and efforts in any situation. Today, we hold the first celebration of collaborators to remind the values of these loved ones more and more and we appreciate their presence in the collection."
Nobani said: "Success in various fields of science, culture, sports, art and education will be possible in any situation and wise, prudent and willful man will find his way and achieve the desired result according to his abilities."
The Mayor of Bandar Abbas, pointing to the importance of empowering the disabled, added: "There is no difference between the disabled and other personnel in the workplace, and the situation to use their maximum ability in the workplace should be provided; promoting the participation of people with disabilities to achieve inclusive, fair and sustainable development should be defined as a goal in the organization."
He said: "Identifying the problems and shortcomings of the disabled in society will be possible with the cooperation of the Welfare Organization, and in the workplace, in order to empower this group, which has a number of limitations, more executive programs should be prepared."
He stated: "the plan to adapt public places for the target community should be implemented in a serious way." He added: "the improvement of public places in the city of Bandar Abbas will be well considered and serious steps will be taken to solve the problems of the disabled."
In the continuation and the final part of the ceremony, the disabled personnel working in the municipal complex were praised by the mayor in the presence of a number of members of the Islamic Council of Bandar Abbas.

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