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Celebrating the honorees and the Municipality medal winner employees as well as the members of the media in the field of sports

Medal Winners

Celebrating the honorees and the Municipality medal winner employees as well as the members of the media in the field of sports

The ceremony of honoring the medal winner employees of Bandar Abbas Municipality in the fields of athletics, beach volleyball, darts, and chess was held.

According to the Communication and International Affairs Department of Bandar Abbas Municipality, with the help of the Sports and Healthy Recreation Committee, a ceremony honoring the honorees, medalists and athletes was held. Mr. Nobani, the Bandar Abbas Mayor, Mr. Amyari, the Director of Sports and Youth Organization of Hormozgan Province, Mr. Abbassi, Mr. Kenari Nejad, Mr. Salari, Mr. Reisi, Ms. Ameri and Ms. Jarare the members of the Islamic Council of the City attended this ceremony.

The Mayor of Bandar Abbas, while appreciating the athletic staff, emphasized the expansion of sports activities among the municipality staff and considered it necessary to plan for continuing these activities. He added: "The enthusiasm and health of employees in the workplace creates freshness, good morals and respect for the client. In addition, municipalities have no purpose other than to serve the people, and based on this, the morale of employees should be strengthened."

Nobani said: "A healthy body brings a healthy mind and the order of the religion of Islam in the matter of sports also emphasizes mobility, dynamism and freshness." He added: "Serving the people requires having a healthy body and employees should take steps to train their body and soul and strengthen their spirit in the workplace with responsibility and work conscience." This official stated: “women should be seriously present in the media and information section of sports news, and play their social and media role in this field.”

In the continuation of this ceremony, Amyari, the Director of Sports and Youth Organization, appreciated and thanked the special attention of the municipality to the staff"s sports and emphasized on the development of public sports and encouraging people to play sports. Pointing out that municipalities are very effective in creating culture, he added: "With cooperation of the Municipality and the Organization of Sports and Youth, the uneven paths of sports development in Bandar Abbas can be paved."

Furthermore, Hassan Salari, a member of the Islamic Council of Bandar Abbas, appreciated and thanked the efforts of the municipality and considered the importance of staff sports as a necessity

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