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A visit to bird garden

The mayor of Bandar Abbas paid a visit

The mayor of Bandar Abbas announced during a visit to the Bird Garden:
Equipping and re-launching the bird garden for the use of citizens / Launching this garden is one of the strategies to create recreational places and urban fun spaces.
The Mayor of Bandar Abbas, during his visit to the Bird Garden, issued the necessary instructions to equip and restarting the garden activities based on environmental, health, economic and tourism annexes. According to the Communications and International Affairs Department of Bandar Abbas Municipality, Mehdi Nobani, Mayor of Bandar Abbas, Rahmatollah Dehghani, Deputy Head of Urban Services, and Cheshmberah, Head of District 1 of Bandar Abbas Municipality, visited the Bird Garden.
In this visit, Mehdi Nobani, referring to the maintenance costs of the Bird Garden, emphasized on the necessity to equip and restart the garden and said: "The most important issue in this regard is planning to maintain the garden and make optimal use of tourism capacity. In addition, the environmental, economic as well as health requirements in this complex should be carefully adjusted before re-launching, and the process of equipping the bird garden should be implemented based on these attachments."
The Mayor of Bandar Abbas stated: "Considering that the Bird Garden project has had high costs for the municipality in the past, all aspects should be examined with more sensitivity and better cooperation with the Environment, Veterinary and Health Departments of the Province to maximize the efficiency of the garden for the use of all citizens.
Nobani pointed out: "The establishment of this garden is one of the strategies to create recreational places and urban fun spaces, and we hope that it will satisfy the citizens."
Javad Cheshmberah, the head of District 1 of Bandar Abbas Municipality, also announced the full readiness of the Municipality of District 1 to restart the Bird Garden project and said: "This complex has a good potential for tourism and advancing urban goals, and we will try to reconsider and use all our capacities to develop this entertainment complex in order to benefit the citizens."
Cheshmehberah continued: "The Bird Garden is being prepared in a part of the inner area of Jahad Park, and citizens can use other parts and the environment of Jahad Park until the project is put into operation."

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