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Bandar Abbas Municipality and development of diplomatic Relationships

The head of communications and International affairs Department of Bandar Abbas Municipality has announced the municipality’s firm resolves to enhance international interactions to create investment opportunities in urban projects and to apply the experiences of urban management of foreign cities.

According to the report of the Communications and International Affairs Department of Bandar Abbas Municipality, Maryam Pasalar, the head of this department, provided a comprehensive report on the activities of this management in the field of international relations in the year 2023.

At the beginning of her speech, Pasalar emphasized on the importance of establishing international relationships with cities in common characteristics, and said: “Today, in the light of the communications revolution and the development of modern communication technologies, and due to the increase of issues and problems of countries at the global scale, and also the increase in international interactions of countries, the role and importance of international cultural communications in establishing global peace and security, and in a sense, globalization, enhancing individual and ethnic identity, and ultimately preserving and sustaining the environment, are evident to everyone. Therefore, every society and country must have a strong presence in this communicative flow, in order to benefit from contemporary knowledge, scientific growth and progress, and to effectively face the various dimensions of these communications also play an active role in powerful international relations.”

She continued: “Last year, fortunately, significant steps were taken in the field of international relations by the Bandar Abbas Municipality compared to previous years. Notably, the mayor of Bandar Abbas joined the Assembly of Asian Mayors for the first time and attended the Asian Mayors' Forum in July 2023 in Ahmedabad, India. A comprehensive report of this trip has been presented to the Organization of Municipalities and Rural Administrations.

Pasalar added: Since 2019, the membership of Bandar Abbas in the UNESCO Creative Cities Network has enhanced the international image of Bandar Abbas. In this case, members were invited to participate in the Congress on Culture and Art Education in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, which the mayor and the head of the municipality's Creativity Center attended in February 2024. Additionally, Bandar Abbas Municipality was virtually attended at the annual meeting of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network in October 2023."

The head of International Relations continued by mentioning the numerous meetings of the mayor and officials of Bandar Abbas Municipality with their foreign counterparts, both online and in person, aimed at expanding the cultural relations of cities. She said: “The Nowruz invitation to the Consul General of China, the Consul of India, and the Consul of Kazakhstan, with the presence of a representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bandar Abbas, marked the beginning of last year's communications.

She stated: “Participation in the celebration of the 74th anniversary of the establishment of the People's Republic of China and the introduction of the new Chinese Consul General, attendance at the celebration of the 77th Independence Day of India, a meeting with the presence of new Chinese Consul General in the last September at the mayor’s office, and honoring Negar Gheybi, a student from Bandar Abbas who won third place in the Ningbo Asian Children's Painting Competition in China, were among other meetings that took place.

Pasalar declared: “Last year, several meetings were held with the Chinese Consul General to create investment opportunities and the cooperation of Chinese companies in urban projects in the fields of tourism and waste management. A video conference with the mayor of Ningbo was also held on this matter, and negotiations continue until a result is achieved.”

The head of International Relations, while thanking the esteemed members of the Islamic City Council, mentioned the council's approval and authorization for five sister city requests includes Mumbai, India; Ningbo, China; Aktau, Kazakhstan; Karachi, Pakistan; and Astrakhan, Russia, as a leap and enhancement in the international interactions of Bandar Abbas Municipality with foreign cities. He stated: “The requests and draft agreements for sister city relationships with these cities, after review and legal amendments and obtaining the approval of the Islamic City Council, have been sent to The Ministry of Interior of the Islamic Republic of Iran through the governorate to the Organization of Municipalities and Rural Administrations.

Pasalar said: “Based on the custom of sister city relationships with foreign cities, we are pursuing the reciprocal naming of city parks to further acquaint the citizens of the two sister cities, and efforts in this regard are ongoing.

Maryam Pasalar, the head of International Relations of Bandar Abbas Municipality, at the end of her speech again emphasized on the importance of establishing effective communication within the legal framework of the Islamic Republic of Iran with other foreign cities to benefit from their experiences and scientific and managerial achievements in urban affairs. She said: “Last year, with the compassionate support of the members of the Islamic City Council of Bandar Abbas, we were able to take effective steps in developing the municipality's international relations. We hope that in the coming year, with these effective connections, we can take useful steps towards the development, progress, and prosperity of the city and citizens.”

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