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A park in Corinto Nicaragua was named “Bandar Abbas”

A park in Corinto Nicaragua was named “Bandar Abbas”

According to the report of the Communications and International Affairs Department of Bandar Abbas Municipality, after the signing of the memorandum of understanding the sister-city relationship between Bandar Abbas and Corinto In the legal procedures, according to the agreement of the parties and with the arrangements made by the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bandar Abbas and Communication and International Affairs Department of the Bandar Abbas Municipality, the ceremony of naming a park in Corinto as “Bandar Abbas” was held.

In this regard, Maryam Pasalar, the head of the Communication and International Affairs Department of Bandar Abbas Municipality said: according to the report of the honorable deputy of Cultural Cooperation and NGOs of the Public Diplomacy Center, this ceremony was held with the presence of Moslem Chenari the embassador of Islamic Republic of Iran in Nicaragua, officials of Corinto, the Mayor and City Council members of Corinto, and enthusiastic presence of citizens.

She added: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has reported details of this ceremony to us as follows: In this ceremony, the mayor of Corinto and then an official of the Sandinistas party (the ruling party of Nicaragua) delivered speeches.

Absalon Martinez, the mayor of Corinto, referring to the celebration of naming “Bandar Abbas Park” in Corinto and simultaneously registering “Corinto Park” in Bandar Abbas, Iran, stated: Nicaragua and Iran, as two revolutionary states and nations, support each other due to common goals in the international level. We stand together to fight for peace and justice, to achieve development, and prosperity under these concepts.

Joseph Manuel Espinoza, the political secretary of the Sandinista party in Corinto, also referred to the simultaneous victory of the revolutions of Iran and Nicaragua and stated:

The naming of “Bandar Abbas Park” in Corinto Nicaragua is a manifestation of the unity of two countries and their nations at this time.

Our bilateral relations are expanding and the unity of the two countries indestructible. Iran and Nicaragua are victims of unilateral interventions by imperialists with tools such as sanctions. So, our people desire dignity and independent sovereignty and we want to achieve our peace, welfare, and safety rights in current tension.

He continued: It is my pleasure to be here at the opening ceremony of Bandar Abbas Park. He referred to the deep friendship and brotherhood between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Nicaragua, and outlined the summary of achievements and understanding of the honorable president’s trip to Nicaragua and considered the high level communications of the two governments as an indicators of both sides firm resolve to develop and deepen bilateral relations.

At the end of his speaking he emphasized on sharing common positions of the two countries on international issues and ensuring peace and stability in different parts of the world with the support of their leaders.

It is worth mentioning that, “Bandar Abbas Park” is located in the Pacific Ocean coastal region, a short distance from the main part of Corinto, and its facilities includes: Family recreation and walking area, children’s playground equipment, public fitness and body building tools, Volleyball and Basketball courts along with spectator stands and also a tall observation tower overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Moreover, the symbol of the city of Bandar Abbas has been artistically placed at the center of the park which is visible from different aspects.

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