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Unity a Key to the Continuity of Stable Secutiry in Iran

We Are Standing Stronger than Before


Bandar Abbas Mayor:

Unity a Key to the Continuity of Stable Security in Iran

We Are Standing Stronger than Before

According to IPRU of Bandar Abbas Municipality, Abbas Aminizadeh stated in a meeting gathered by the executive officials: Tehran’s inhuman action by the terrorists was nipped in the bud by the endeavor of security forces.

Pointing the martyrdom of some of our countrymen through this terrorist. He added: we announce that we are all ready to defend the country soil and the values of the revolution till the last drop of our blood.

The mayor of Bandar Abbas reiterated: today, it is our responsibility to stand our believes and ideologies of the homeland and revolution.

Emphasizing that Jihad and battle are not finished yet, he added: Islamic Iran has not had and anti-security event and a stable security has been established by Imam Zaman’s unknown soldiers.

Pointing out that this security signifies the nonstop efforts of these people, said: we have the honor to be one of the strongest security forces in the world which defends the pure Iranian-Islamic values.

He added: not only we withdrew from Tehran’s disaster, but also we persist stronger than before and we are seeking more security for the nation.

Abbas Aminizadeh stated: we hope and pray the root of Daesh dries.



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