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Needs of the Youths Must be Recognized by Themselves

Needs of the Youths Must be Recognized by Themselves


Bandar Abbas Mayor:

Needs and demands of the youths must be recognized by themselves.

The mayor of Bandar Abbas said: “youths’ cooperation in urban management programs is cooperative and practical.

According to IPRU of Bandar Abbas municipality, Abbas Aminizadeh the mayor of Bandar Abbas stated: the youths of Islamic Iran showed in different eras of Islamic Revolution that despite all the deficiencies have all had an enthusiastic and vigilant presence which must be appreciated.

Expressing that the youth is a collection of burgeoned talents and full of potentials which its title signifies wishes and hopes, he added: in this field, social cooperation plays the role as an indispensible factor in operating the affairs.

The mayor of Bandar Abbas added: “we have to consider that our youths face different cultural and identity challenges in the cities.”




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