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Bandar Abbas Municipality Discussion about Utilization of Dirty Gold

Bandar Abbas Municipality Discussion about Utilization of Dirty Gold


Bandar Abbas municipality’s invitation of the senior executive of an Italian company which is producing electricity from garbage, aims to operate this environmental project.

According to IPRU of Bandar Abbas municipality, Abbas Amini Zadeh during his visit with the senior executives of an Italian company stated: “in urban management system, 430 tons of garbage is collected daily.”

Pointing out that 28 tons of this amount consists of wet garbage, he added: “from this amount 8 tons is sorted out in source and the rest in destination which we are trying to find a way to utilize the garbage and step forward to protect the environment.”

Fabio Trezzendy, the head of this Italian company said: “our company has started its job since 1994.

Pointing out the details, he added: “first a well is dug on the waste burial sites, the latex is extracted and is used to produce electricity through special turbines.”

Fabio added: “around 300 million kilowatt electricity is being used by the installed turbines, over the years.”

“Bandar Abbas mayor’s interest on the investment to produce the electricity from waste is appreciated and Bandar Abbas could be considered a pioneer in producing electricity from waste.” The president of the company stated.


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