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Honoring our rituals / traditions / "Fourteenth" ritual that is faded and forgotten in Hormozgan

Honoring our rituals / traditions / "Fourteenth" ritual that is faded and forgotten in Hormozgan

"Fourteenth" is a periodical religious ritual of poetry and night wishes performed every year in the fourteenth month by the women of Hormozgan province, which unfortunately is now faded and forgotten among the people of Hormozgan.

Fourteenth-century rituals have been practiced in parts of Hormozgan, especially near the sea.

According to some studies, some have attributed this religion to the Qajar period and some to the early Islamic period.

According to research by older women and organizers of the Fourteenth Minab in Minab, people believe that this ceremony was performed by Prophet Zaynab to console Imam Hussein"s daughter Fatemeh Soghri and also by intention Awareness of the situation of Imam Hussein (PBUH) and Ahlul-Bayt (PBUH) who traveled to Karbala, and the poems that were read at the ceremony were poems about the death that signified the martyrdom of the Imam and his companions. It has been an Imam and that ceremony has been accompanied by sadness.

Before the evening of the thirteenth day of the month of Zero, women and girls collected fragrant materials from seven houses called "Fatima" and poured it into a copper pot and added water and rose water to it with a cloth. Then, in the night when the moon appeared in the sky, women and girls gather around each other, each with their own rings or earrings, whatever they wish, in their hearts and in the pot.

With two-bit reading by middle-aged women and women of Majlis literacy and the accompaniment of others, an immature girl named Fatima or Zahra, who has bathed her in the past, put on a clean, neat dress and a green cloth on her right hand He puts himself in a container and shuffles whatever is in it.

At the end of each piece of poetry or dubity, the girl pulls out a ring or bangle from inside the pot and raises her hand to show it to the parliament to determine who belongs to the two-bit woman and to interpret the owner of the ring or Elango also matches it with his wish and sees his object coming out of the container as a reason to meet the needs in the near future.

One can remove his ring or throw it back into the container by repeatedly intending to repeat it up to three times.

In the past, poetry was only about Imams Huda (AS), but nowadays love poems have been added.

It should be noted that in some areas of Hormozgan, including Bandar Kang, they carry henna and rose water in a Chinese dish called henna and carry out the mentioned steps.

In this area, it is mostly done so that the cruise liners do not delay their return and their husbands and wives return to health.

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