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BandarAbbas, Corinto Declared Sister-Cities

The Memorandum of Understanding on Sister-City relationship between Bandar Abbas and Corinto (City of Republic of Nicaragua) was signed

Acording to the report of Communication and International affairs Department of Bandar Abbas municipality, and based on long-standing friendly relationships between Islamic Republic of Iran and Republic of Nicaragua and in light of historical values and points in common between the two countries, the mayor of the city of Bandar Abbas and the city of Corinto on behalf of the citizens expressed the mutual desire to expand relations, develop and strengthen ties of friendship, and cooperation, declared the town-twinning between the city of Bandar Abbas and the city of Corinto.


In virtual meeting which is held through webinar and in presence of Mr Salehi, the Ambassador of Iran to Nicaragua, Absalon Martinez Navas the mayor of Corinto, Lic Aydalina Salmeron Davila the deputy of the mayor of Corito, Ronald Humberto Blanco Carvajal the secretary of the Corinto city council, Isaac Lenin Bravo Jaen Nicaraguan Ambassador to Iran, Saeed Shaban the head of Iranian foreign affairs office in Bandar Abbas, Mehdi Nobani the mayor of Bandar Abbas, Hassan Salari the deputy of Islamic city council of Bandar Abbas, Maryam Pasalar the head of Communication and International Affairs Department of Bandar Abbas municipality. In this meeting, they investigated and evaluated the city infrastructure to expand and develop comprehensive relations of the two cities in order to establish the sister-city relationship.


Mehdi Nobani, the mayor of Bandar Abbas expressed that the friendship between the two countries and common subjects of the two cities are the main reasons of this relationship and declaring sister-city of the two cities then continued: according to the subjects that have been agreed upon, some issues such as exchanging information and experiences and holding training courses in the fields of urban planning and management, urban services, waste management, environment, sustainable development, urban infrastructure development, transportation system and traffic, architecture and urban development, cultural, social, welfare, job creation and entrepreneurship, are the concern and opinion of the both sides that we hope that good things will happen to Bandar Abbas and corinto cities with making proper decisions.

Mehdi Salehi, the ambassador of Iran to Nicaragua

According to the determination of the president of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi, and the president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, in order to strengthen International Relationships and friendship ties between the two countries, this important document was agreed between the two cities and after all agreements done and said, it will be implemented. The creative city of Bandar Abbas has high capacities in artistic and cultural activities, so developing of recreational facilities could help to insert this city as the main cultural center of the region.

Isaac Lenin Bravo Jean, Nicaraguan ambassador to Iran

We are looking more opportunities for cooperation and this issue is considered a priority for Nicaraguan government. This cooperation will accelerate after the signing of this memorandum and good things will happen. We had a working relationship with the Bandar Abbas municipality and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and as a result, this memorandum was signed, the fields of cooperation have been evaluated and reviewed, and our team in Nicaraguan embassy is ready to develop cooperation.


Absalon Martinez Navas, the mayor of Corinto

Both cities will make an special effort to expand their relations, this document will strengthen cooperation in the fields of industry, tourism, commerce, and economy and we will definitely move forward, the welfare of the hardworking people is important because they are fighting for independence and freedom of their country, the entire content of this memorandum is aimed at expanding the international communication between two cities, and the benefits of which will be shared by the citizens. We are taking steps to strengthen the bond of friendship and have reached understanding in various fields and people are our main purpose for its implementation. I would like to thank all the dears who made this memorandum to be formed, especially the ambassador and President Ortega and the president of Islamic Republic of Iran, Ebrahim Raisi. We hope that good things will happen in both cities with these efforts, peace and love will be the result of this communication and understanding, and we will move forward to build a better world.


At the end of this webinar and after signing this agreement by the two mayors of Corinto and Bandar Abbas, Saeed Shaban, the head of Iranian foreign affairs office in Bandar Abbas, while wishing success and fruitfulness, appreciated and thanked International Affairs Department of Bandar Abbas municipality. Hassan Salari, the deputy of Islamic city council of Bandar Abbas, after congratulating this event, emphasized on implementation of this memorandum, then added, citizens and the city of Bandar Abbas should gain the benefits of this agreement. Strengthen cultural relations and holding cultural weeks, and taking the advantages of all capacities the experiences of management in commercial, economic and industrial development; all are the goals of this memorandum.


Translated by: Masoume Mirzakhah



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