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By announcement of Hamid Jamali:

The implementation of the Tapesh grand plan began in the residential neighborhoods of Bandar Abbas.


The head of the Waste Management Organization said: the grand plan of Tapesh (Source Separation) will be implemented soon in all neighborhoods of Bandar Abbas.

According to the report of Communications and International Affairs Department of Bandar Abbas Municipality, quoted by public relations representative of the Waste Management Organization, Hamid Jamali, meanwhile stated that the Tapash project is one of the most important projects in waste management, added: the implementation of this project have begun in 1, 3 and 4 districts and soon will be performed in all 4 districts of the municipality.

He pointed that 24 instructors of this organization are training citizens face to face in the neighborhoods at this moment. The base of training citizens is how to separate waste and the time and conditions of their collection.

The head of the Waste Management Organization mentioned some quarters as Soro, Golestan complex, the second phase of Green Tree complex in 4th district of municipality, Talaband neighborhood, Imamat Boulevard in first district and Ayatollah Ghaffari neighborhood in third district are neighborhoods where training has been done or in they are being done.

Jamali after emphasizing that source separation plan could be a great help for collecting and recycling of waste in the city districts, pointed that: this organization is ready to cooperate with all executive organizations and offices for this plan.

He continued: all organizations and entities are required to receive Green Certificate from the Waste Management Organization and stated that “source separation” in offices is one of the requirements to receive this certification.

The head of the Waste Management Organization at the end of his conservation reminded that: citizens could apply the emergency number of 137, if they have any questions.

translated by: Masoume Mirzakhah

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