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Mehdi Nobani, Mayor of Bandar Abbas: ICT Organization (FAVA) is considered as a main and important part of municipal management
The mayor of Bandar Abbas said: "Intelligence is part of the priorities of the municipality and the ICT organization is considered as a main and important part of municipal management."
The Mayor of Bandar Abbas visited the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Organization of the Municipality and was closely acquainted with the services and activities of this organization. According to the Communication and International Affairs Department of Bandar Abbas Municipality, Mehdi Nobani stated in this visit: "The ICT organization of the municipality should use creative, new ideas, strategic plans and utilizing modern technology, up-to-date and effective methods, consider the design of intelligence e-city seriously."
The Mayor of Bandar Abbas considered the professionalism and use of internal capacities of the organization valuable and further said: "this organization, considering its high capacity and potential, can play an effective role in the municipality with careful planning and supervision, and by using the capacity of specialized personnel and experts to assist citizens in providing more appropriate and efficient services."
Nobani added: "Our goal in the Information and Communication Technology Organization is to move towards smarter urban management infrastructures, and we will achieve this important issue by employing the collective wisdom and experts of the organization."

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