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The CBRN maneuver was held by Bandar Abbas municipality

The CBRN maneuver was held by Bandar Abbas municipality

The CBRN maneuver was held by Bandar Abbas municipality 

The CBRN maneuver was held with the cooperation of crisis and passive defense management. This event was held on 3rd of November 2021 according to the instructions of passive defense organization, fire department and municipal safety services in the fire station number 12.

Based on the report of international department of Bandar Abbas municipality, the mayor of the city, Mr Nobani, told that since Bandar Abbas is an important and strategic city and many industries and mines have dangerous and chemical materials, we should raise public awareness about such matters in order to deal with the problems in emergency occasions. 

The mayor said that oversimplifying has been removed from the passive defense and this issue is very crucial. He emphasized that preparation and awareness play a vital role in passive defense and both of them should be taught inside and outside of the organization. 

Mozaffar Aramide the manager of this organization appreciated the efforts of the organizations that participate in this maneuver. Moreover, he said that the purpose of this maneuver is evaluation and practicing the readiness of the city in response to natural and unnatural disasters. Hopefully, with collaboration of the fire department with management of Alireza Bahmannejad, Helal Ahmar, Emergency, social emergency, monastery organization, police and traffic police, we have experienced a good maneuver. He added that I appreciated the discipline and cooperation of the maneuver and this means the unity among organs.

Aramide mentioned that an accident or crisis is an unpredictable incident and cause anarchy in the safety of society. In addition, this creates mental and social pressures for the people and it needs professional management. 

He said that the previous evaluations show that people are confused at the crisis time so this means that we need more exercise and maneuver. Aramide explained that maneuvers should be held regularly in order to detect the weaknesses and strengths. 

The manager of passive defense added that diversity in this section is very important because this protects the lives and fortune of people.

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