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Meeting of the Ambassador of India with the Mayor of Bandar Abbas

Ambassador of India

Meeting of the Ambassador of India with the Mayor of Bandar Abbas

Gaddam Dharmendra, the Ambassador of India to Iran, together with Eiki Sudhakaran, the consul of India in Bandar Abbas, and the accompanying delegation met with Engineer Mehdi Nobani, the Mayor of Bandar Abbas, on Saturday, October 30, 2021 (8th of Aban, 1400).

According to the Communications and International Affairs Department of Bandar Abbas Municipality, in this meeting, the Mayor of Bandar Abbas emphasized on exchanging views on bilateral relations and using the common and special climatic port capacities of the people of Bandar Abbas, considering the life history of many Indian citizens in Bandar Abbas.

Nobani considered the Hindu temple in the center of Bandar Abbas as a sign of cultural commonalities because Bandar Abbas has always had the platform to accommodate all cultures, tribes and clans and let them to live together in peace and tranquility. Nobani added: “Communication and transfer of experience to create ports with different advantages in the city of Bandar Abbas requires mutual knowledge, research and participation in this matter.” The mayor emphasized: “We are seriously looking for stable and two-way communication that is aimed at creating investment bases in the city of Bandar Abbas.” Nobani stated: “Bandar Abbas is thirsty for investment in the sea and coast. The development of tourism in this direction needs more attention, as well.” He said: “If the coast and sea in Bandar Abbas is the main issue of development and income of the city, then we will say we live in a developed port city.”

While emphasizing the development of cultural relations between Iran and India, especially the city of Bandar Abbas, the Indian ambassador Dharmendra pointed out: “We are closely related to each other in subcultures, music, beliefs, rituals, clothes and foods.” He added: “Bandar Abbas city has a good potential for growth and development and the proximity of the city"s climate to Indian cities has made its behavior, ethics and many other issues similar to India.” The Indian ambassador said: “Cultural exchange must take place and it requires continuous communication to move in the right direction, so that we can take advantage of each other"s capacities and overcome the challenges to achieve the desired result.”

The Indian Consul in Bandar Abbas continued the meeting by emphasizing the expansion of cooperation between the Indian Consulate in Bandar Abbas and the Municipality. He considered the importance of the use of university capacities for students" education and research in line with cultural exchanges. He pointed out: “with the expansion of communication, useful events can be figured out.” “We are ready to share our experiences in various fields, and to have more interactions.” the official said.

The mayor of Bandar Abbas noted: “We are eager to hold consultative meetings on various urban issues and exchange experiences and use each other experiences.” He added: “Our strategy is not limited to bilateral meetings and talks, because we want to change the face of the city and urban management, and we need to be aware of the experiences of others in the urban area.” The official said: “In the fields of urban management, waste segregation, use of new technologies, green space, urban furniture, holding joint exhibitions, investment, creative city and other areas of municipal activity, we can achieve very valuable results using codified and specified long-term and short-term relationships.” Nobani said: “The main indicator for sustainable development in cities is the use of experiences and capacities in various fields, and this important achievement will be achieved by exchanging achievements.”

In the continuation of this meeting, the director of the Center for Creativity and New Technologies of Bandar Abbas Municipality presented a complete report on the implementation process of the center"s programs and announced the center"s readiness for the forthcoming communications.

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