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Sweepers are ready to serve the citizens

Holding a safety training course for street sweepers forces in Bandar Abbas

Sweepers are ready to serve the  citizens

Holding a safety training course for street sweepers forces in Bandar Abbas 

The mayor of Bandar Abbas said: "sweeper"s activity in providing optimal services to citizens is quite obvious and they are at the forefront of providing services to citizens with their uninterrupted efforts."

According to the reports of Public Relations and International Affairs of Bandar Abbas Municipality; Mehdi Nobani, Mayor of Bandar Abbas , he emphasized the need to protect the lives and health of sweepers at the training courses and said: "It is important to protect the lives and health of these hardworking sweepers and the municipality should pay special attention to providing work equipment and clothes for them so that they Work with ease .

The official said: the health of the community depends on the efforts of the sweepers, and their work is important because of the cleansing of the city and the passages.

The Mayor of Bandar Abbas considered that  emphasizing the continuity of these training courses , the role of education and training effective in providing better and more services to citizens and noted: the attention of the waste organization to holding training courses to improve the quality and  services is admirable and holding these training courses has an effective role in reducing accidents for them.

Nobani stated: The waste organization should also enter the field of citizenship education and the culture of separating wet and dry waste, so that we can witness a clean and healthy city with the support and participation of citizens.

The mayor of Bandar Abbas said: paying the salaries, wages and job benefits of sweerpers and providing welfare services to them is one of the main priorities of the municipality.

Nobani appreciated the Rahvar police and law enforcement agencies for accompanying the municipal complex and said: "The sweepers need the support of the police complex and the police force."

It is noteworthy; The cleaners of the four districts of the municipality, who are in charge of cleaning the main and busy streets and passages of the city, participated in this course. This training course was held in cooperation with the provincial traffic police and the police expert.

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