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Sincere conversation with local people

Sincere talk

Sincere conversation and meeting of the mayor of Bandar Abbas with the people of Posht-e-Shahr neighborhood / Cultural and sports development of the neighborhoods is one of the priorities of the municipality
According to the Communications and International Affairs Department of Bandar Abbas Municipality, in order to establish effective and useful communication with the people, the Mayor of Bandar Abbas and members of the Islamic Council of the city attended the Saheb al-Zaman Mosque in the Posht-e-Shahr neighborhood to assess the problems of this region.
Mehdi Nobani, after hearing the concerns of the people about the importance of the history of old neighborhoods as part of the identity of Bandar Abbas, said: "Considering the priorities and issues raised, the municipality of the district will definitely take action with careful planning to address and solve the problems."
The mayor of Bandar Abbas stated: "The green space adjacent to the old fish market of Posht-e-Shahr, and the construction of the handicrafts market will be on the agenda of the municipality after solving the problems and obstacles; and definitely, the establishment of a permanent handicrafts market will benefit the people in this neighborhood."
Nobani added: "After the approval of the appropriate budget in the Islamic Council of the city, the construction of the northern passages and sidewalks adjacent to Imam Sajjad Boulevard will be completed in next year."
He called the cooperation of the people about the reopening of regions new streets as an important issue in the perspective of neighborhood development and said: "the socio-cultural capacity of the original neighborhoods of the city should be updated by creating new streets and passages so that we can preserve and revive the identity, texture and originality of these vicinities."
The mayor of Bandar Abbas noted: "Fishermen and fish sellers should be honored as hard workers in seafaring, and the respected residents of this neighborhood, in addition to expressing the problems of the region in this meeting, can attend the weekly meetings on Tuesdays to follow the concerns and issues of the neighborhood."
The official stated about the constructing a cultural center and developing sports spaces in this neighborhood: "Cultural and sports development of neighborhoods is one of the priorities of the municipality and certainly after conducting the related studies and providing the suitable land, these complexes will be created in the Posht-e-Shahr vicinity."
In another part of his speech, the mayor of Bandar Abbas, while thanking for following up and expressing the problems clearly, emphasized: "Convergence in neighborhoods leads to solidarity and consensus, and the great event that will take place in this solidarity is for the benefit of all people, especially the youth of this neighborhood."
At the end of the meeting, Mehdi Nobani said: "The basis of our work and performance can be explained in the satisfaction of citizens. The presence of members of the Islamic Council of the city and the mayor in this neighborhood and other regions is to identify obstacles and problems and social harms, as well. This presence should lead to a comprehensive development, and this will definitely chart a better path for our vision by discussing, prioritizing, and consulting with residents."

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